Our job is to get you paid more. We turn cookie-cutter salary offers into value-packed deals.
Rishon Blumberg About Rishon
Most people don't negotiate job offers. We want the best for our clients and we get it.
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Too many of the world’s best tech experts don’t get the salaries they deserve.
We fix that.

Salary negotiation for developers

About Us About Us

Dedicated to helping talented people negotiate better deals for themselves in a way that elevates their stature and builds goodwill.

What We Do What We Do

We’ll strategize and advise you behind-the-scenes. Or, in consultation with you, we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

Who We Represent Who We Represent

CTOs, VPs and Directors of engineering, heads of DevOps, cybersecurity specialists, UX designers, etc.

Why Us?

We’ve been negotiating on behalf of talent for 25+ years. Since 2012, we’ve focused primarily on technology talent.

Going into any negotiation, it’s crucial to understand what’s important to you. We created the Lifestyle Calculator to help you do just that.

Salary Negotiation Successes


I won't do another negotiation without 10x again. They helped me get clauses in my contract I didn’t even know I needed.

Jason R. - Devops Specialist

10x provided us comfort throughout negotiating a complex package. This was a challenging deal and would not have been successful without 10x who helped increase our comp substantially.

George W. - Cyber Security Expert

There’s only one thing I’d do differently next time... keep my mouth shut before involving 10x.

Greg S. - Full-Stack Developer

I’ve never felt so empowered in a job search. With 10x, I have negotiation experts in my corner helping me make the best and boldest moves.

Ariana S. - UX Specialist

When a great opportunity came my way, I wasn’t equipped to navigate the negotiation on my own. 10x expertly guided me in the negotiation, yielding an offer better than I could have hoped for.

Nicole G. - Growth Strategy Specialist

Successfully Negotiated With