Master Negotiators To Help You Get The Best Deal Possible

We’ve negotiated thousands of contracts over our careers. It’s a very specialized skill that takes nuance, creativity and an understanding of “the rules of engagement.” We serve as behind-the-scenes advisors who will help you negotiate the best deal for yourself or we can step in to negotiate directly with employers on your behalf.

Our team


Our business is built on trust. Michael and Rishon have been business partners for 25 years and are childhood friends–which speaks to our shared sense of integrity and ability to communicate in ways that reduce friction and create understanding.

We’ve been negotiating compensation packages for in-demand talent since 1995. We got our start in the wild and wooly music industry representing artists such as John Mayer and Vanessa Carlton, and we’ve been focused on the tech industry since 2012.

The market dynamics are the same–more leverage on the part of talent, more negotiating savvy on the part of employers, tremendous opportunity to improve compensation on multiple fronts.

As much as most people dread negotiating, we love being able to help people who we believe in to get compensated fairly and in ways that align with their goals. Our loyalties have always been on the side of talent.

Our clients are 10x-ers–people who are at the top of their field and delivering great results. We’re proud to be in their corner and nothing gives us a bigger thrill than turning a cookie-cutter, middling offer into the kind of deal that our clients didn’t even imagine.

Three Key Things To Know About Our Approach

Insider knowledge


Each negotiation is unique. We pride ourselves in sussing out all potential levers, finding ways around “no” and negotiating things that enhance our client’s position further down the road, from stock vesting schedules to job titles and reporting structures.

High touch

High touch, high integrity

We are known for being genuine, accessible and thoughtful. Job negotiations are time-critical; we’re very responsive and available virtually 24/7. We’ll always put your interests first and are committed to getting you the best offer possible even when it doesn’t work out to a bigger check for us.

Tech industry

Focused on tech industry

We have been representing talent and negotiating on their behalf for 25 years. Since 2012, we have focused on representing tech talent. We know this industry well and love being able to advocate for our clients so they can achieve their dreams and live better lives.

Meet Our Team

Rishon Blumberg

Rishon Blumberg

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Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon

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