Rishon Blumberg

Managing Partner
“Fair compensation comes from knowing what you want, what questions to ask, access to relevant data, and an open, healthy discourse with the company that wants to hire you.”

Rishon’s practice has included thousands of compensation negotiations. He has represented heads of engineering, CTOs and cybersecurity experts who ended up working for companies ranging from eBay to Genentech to Verizon to McGraw Hill. He also continues to represent a handful of high profile entertainers through Brick Wall Management, the first venture that he and Michael founded together.


In all his negotiations, Rishon strives to enhance the relationship between both parties. He brings a keen business sense built over a series of entrepreneurial ventures as well as a degree from Wharton School of Business in entrepreneurial management.


Rishon grew up in Chelsea long before Google built their New York headquarters across from the High Line. He spent many years coaching his kids’ sports teams to victory (or otherwise) — arguably his greatest achievements to date.



Rishon co-founded and co-leads three companies with his business partner Michael Solomon.


Rishon is an engaging, insightful speaker and expert on compensation negotiation. He’s been featured at these events, organizations and media outlets.


Rishon serves with these nonprofit organizations in an effort to improve and enhance humanity.

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