Our practice is geared towards senior level technology talent or senior level talent in the general tech ecosystem who have received a job offer (or, ideally, more than one) with a starting salary of $150,000 or higher. We’re not recruiters, we don’t help you find the right job, we just help ensure that once you’ve gotten an offer(s) your interests are defined and well represented.

Our approach is geared around helping you identify what’s most important to you in a compensation package. We go far beyond pay and equity compensation, and we work with you to prioritize what you value most. We then provide a strategy for addressing these priorities with your prospective employer, providing step by step guidance throughout the negotiation process.

We have more than 25 years of hands-on negotiation experience. We’ve negotiated on behalf of a wide variety of talent – from senior tech talent like you, to Grammy-winning, multi-platinum performers. We understand how to structure a negotiation so that you don’t alienate your future employer, but you’re still able to obtain the best possible deal that reflects your needs and wants. We have spent our careers advocating for talent and protecting them from exploitation. We care deeply about this work. We believe fundamentally that all great talent deserves great representation, and we’ve made a career out of providing exactly that type of representation.

We have a sliding scale fee structure based on a percentage of the first year’s total cash compensation (which includes things such as salary, signing bonus, year end performance bonus etc.).

For more unique/edge case offers (acqui-hires, team hires, renegotiation, etc) we will work with you to create a fee that fits the negotiation required.

We have helped our clients negotiate employment packages with more companies than we can name, but here are a few:

Facebook, Google, Stripe, HSBC, Apple, Salesforce, Instacart, FireEye, Attune, Palo Alto Networks, and many more.

We recommend that any employment package be reviewed by a lawyer prior to your signing. If you don’t have a good attorney, we work with a bunch of them and we’re happy to refer you to someone great.

While there are no guarantees, we have a great track record of creating far more value than we cost (even if you only stay in the job for a single year). In some cases, we have more than doubled cash comp from first offer to closing.

That said, because we fight for whatever matters most to you (e.g. added vacation time or remote working) in addition to salary, equity and bonuses, the total improvements we make cannot always be measured in percentage increases. By way of example, a parent who gets to work from home on Fridays may value that as priceless compared with additional cash or equity.

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