Whether you call it a compensation negotiation, a job offer negotiation, or a salary negotiation, they’re all stressful, scary, and consequential.


Many people in the tech industry–from CTOs to engineering prodigies to developers with a track record of delivering the goods–don’t negotiate at all. In our experience, those who do negotiate typically focus on the wrong things and underplay their hand. They don’t know what to ask for or how to push for more without killing the offer.


We close the information gap and even the playing field, allowing you to negotiate the best deal for your unique situation and positioning you for success.


Negotiation Advisory: We coach behind the scenes

We work closely with you to navigate the practical details and nuances of negotiating a better offer. This includes knowing what to say, when and how. Whether to push for more and how much. Getting beyond impasses. We’ll ghostwrite emails and provide talking points that build understanding and respect, not friction.

Negotiation Representation: We advocate on your behalf

Some clients would rather stay above the fray with a potential employer and have us take care of the negotiation on their behalf. In this case, we’ll strategize all communications with you, but interact directly with your prospective employer(s). You’ll retain total control but avoid any of the negotiation dirty work.


Value Proposition

Increase your compensation

On average, our clients see a 35% increase in total compensation over their initial offer. In some cases, we’ve been able to negotiate a 100% increase.

Better total package

Salary, bonuses and equity are important (and we provide guidance on all that), but there’s a lot more to consider when negotiating a new job, such as title, reporting structure and benefits such as flex time.

Elevated stature

Whether we coach you through the process or we negotiate on your behalf, our approach will establish you as a sophisticated, business-savvy professional and position you for success.

Stress-free negotiation

We’re experts at this. We know how to find leverage, work around impasses and push for more without coming across as demanding or overly aggressive.

Insider knowledge

Our years of experience negotiating on the behalf of tech talent gives insight and data that individual candidates don’t have easy access to.


You can count on us to ensure that you’ll get the absolute best deal possible. You’ll also start your new job knowing that you conducted yourself in the best way possible, which is just as important.

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