We work with a variety of talented tech professionals, each with a unique set of priorities, needs and desires when it comes to negotiating their next job. Here’s a sample of some common situations, how we approach them and the results.

These case studies are of real clients who have given their wholehearted approval. Compensation is a very private matter, so we’ve hidden some identifying features, but any information that is included is real, true and accurate.

Google and Salesforce

“I really had no idea how to respond to get the offers where they should be. Should I reveal the other offer? Should I sit and wait for new offers?”

A senior technologist came to us with early stage offers from both Google and Salesforce. We helped him negotiate a deal that was several hundred thousand dollars higher and added XX weeks of paid time off.

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“Despite months of conversations and serious interest by all parties, the bank hadn’t made an offer.”

We helped two cybersecurity specialists breakthrough negotiation deadlock with a major international bank.

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We were approached by a senior DevOps engineer who was being courted by Facebook and another large publicly traded company.

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I mastered my job, ascended the ranks and became one of the senior leaders there. But when an appealing external opportunity came my way, I was not equipped to navigate the negotiation process on my own.

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